Name: Sara


Where are you from?


What do you think of LA?

LA is a great place. You can find a lot of things to do here in whatever area you want to study or do. LA really has everything. Also, there are so many nationalities here. It’s a very international city, which is great.

What are some things you like about MLI?

I like the programs. There are so many programs here like TOEFL, Business+TOIEC, Conversation, the ESL program like I am in, or others. The staff and teachers here in general are so happy and fun- it’s always a great environment. The school always has activities prepared too, which is really great for meeting people, especially if you’re shy or if you came to LA alone like I did. It’s an easy and fun way to meet people and have fun.

Where do you enjoy going during your free time? What kind of activities do you like to do?

I like a lot of places here. I’m a musician, so I really like going to concerts as well as art museums and exhibits. There are a lot of places for that, like the Disney Concert Hall, and museums. Santa Monica and Venice are fun for hanging out, the Downtown Arts District is cool, and Melrose has great secondhand stores. Every place has its own thing going for it, and every place is different. I am always active- I never stop doing things and am constantly busy. I live with and help out with a family, so I get to see so much of LA with them. I am never bored here. I can always find new things, even just on the streets you can find paintings and graffiti.

Where do you live now? Would you recommend it for new students?

Now I am living in Malibu. It’s really nice and quiet, but pretty far from the city, so I wouldn’t recommend it for students without a car. I love it though because it’s so green and peaceful.

Do you have an advice for prospective students?

Don’t be shy because normally foreign students are shy at first. Just be yourself and do your best and work to achieve your dreams.

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