Name: Hinata






How long have you been in LA?

What do you think of it?
I have been here more than a year now. I love it here because of the weather, the people, and the fashion.

Where do you like to go in LA?

I love to go to the beaches-all of them. Also, I like to go to The Grove, the theatre, and shopping.

What do you think makes MLI different than other ESL schools?

Everyone here is so kind! Everyone knows me. Even if I can’t speak well, they can understand me and correct my mistakes.

What neighborhood do you live in? Do you recommend it to new students?

Park La Brea- I recommend it. They have everything you need and I can walk everywhere.

What are you future plans after finishing studying at MLI?

I want to go to UCLA extension. Now I’m a fashion buyer, so I’ll keep doing that. I may study Business and Marketing at UCLA extension.

Any tips for prospective students?

You should definitely come to LA to study!

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