Name: Shoi Tsuchiya




What program are you in?

ESL High Intermediate 1.

What do you like to do for fun?

I am a dancer. I always take dance classes after school at Millenium dance complex (a famous dance studio in Studio City).
Sometimes I also go shopping. I like Urban Outfitters. It’s also fun to shop at The Grove and Melrose.
What should students know before coming to LA?
Study vocabulary before you move to America. Vocabulary is very important.
If you are a dancer, you should research dance studios before you come.

Has your English improved?

Yes. I couldn’t speak English when I came here last year. Now I can speak English and I understand most everything.

Do you like MLI?

Yes, I like MLI. Everyone is very friendly. Also, the school is in a good location if you are a dancer because there are many dance studios in the area.

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