How to get 100+ on the TOEFL exam!


Westwood Campus Featured Student

This week’s featured student is Lisa from Germany. She recently achieved 108 on her TOEFL test! During her free time she likes to do anything creative from pottery to knitting. She runs a blog in English and also loves cooking and trying new foods in Los Angeles. She recommends that students eat a lot while they’re studying here because the food is so diverse and there are tons of authentic foods here. Her favorite place in Los Angeles is Abbott Kenney in Venice.

“I was in the TOEFL program for 12 weeks. Before taking the TOEFL class, I studied in the ESL program at MLI. I achieved 108 because I really listened to everything that Kyle [the morning and afternoon TOEFL teacher] had to say. His class is really great for improving your score. After class, I would always review the classroom tasks at home to see what I missed and figure out why I missed it. I think the Purpose/Method and Vocabulary Questions in the reading are the hardest type of question for me. I think the vocabulary in class was actually harder than on the real test though! I think that for students to really develop their English skills to be able to pass the TOEFL exam, they need to really change their whole private life to English. For example, you have to watch movies in English, participate in small talk in English, and especially think in English. I always think in English now when I’m consciously thinking. I also think Kyle’s Strategy Guide [a book of TOEFL strategies written by the morning/afternoon TOEFL teacher] is so helpful too- especially the part with the synonym structure. It’s so helpful to know how to change words into synonyms. Also, the speaking practice questions were very helpful- I used the guide a lot to prepare.

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