Good Location! (Fumiya | Japan)

Studied BEG 2 at MLI WESTWOOD The staff here at MLI are super friendly and very helpful. The school location is great too. It’s in Westwood so there are many cool places to visit and many stores to shop at! My teachers are always helpful and take the time to explain all my questions to me. I also like that there is a variety of students here so I have a chance to make friends from all over the world.

I could improve my English fast (Martin | Czech Republic)

Studied INT 2 at MLI HOLLYWOOD I came to Los Angeles to learn English and I am so happy I found Mentor. The school is amazing and the teachers are great. I was only here for a month, but I learned more than I ever thought I would. Thank you!! And I also felt MLI have great programs too. I started to study from Beginner 1 ESL class. My teachers were realy good at teaching so I could improve my English fast. That motivated me a lot. I'm thinking to take TOEFL® class at MLI. MLI will give me the ...

MLI gives me the English skills needed to attend a university in U.S. (Joao Victor | Brazil)

Studied HINT 2 at MLI WESTWOOD I like MLI for many reasons, first is the location, it is in California so the weather is always good and it is a beautiful place to be. Second, I feel the programs here are very good, I started at the beginning level and because my teachers are great, I moved up and improved my English very quickly. I plan on taking the TOEFL® here as well, and I know MLI will give me the English skills needed to attend a university in America which is my dream!

I could prepare myself for graduate school by taking the GRE/GMAT course. (Hani |Saudi Arabia)

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Studied GRE / GMAT at MLI WESTWOOD The first day I arrived at MLI they were very welcoming and kind to me. I felt happy that I chose this school to improve my English and to prepare myself for graduate school by taking the GRE®/GMAT® course. The teachers and staff are very friendly and I would recommend this school to anyone very highly. Thank you so much!

I could made many friends here (Maria | Venezuela)

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Studied INT 1 at MLI WESTWOOD Mentor Language institute is a good school with a great reputation. Staff members are very kind and helpful and I found no problems while I was here which was wonderful. The teachers are also very helpful as well and they helped alleviate my shyness when I first arrived. They also encouraged me to ask many questions which helped improve my English. I made many friends here thanks to the wonderful staff and teachers and I am so thankful for that.

Come have a blast with us and at the same time improve your English skills. (Saori | Japan)

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Studied CONV ADV at MLI HOLLYWOOD I’ve been studying at MLI, which is located in Hollywood for a year and five months. During this time, I’ve gone through many things and had many good experiences, more than I ever imagined. I’m really glad that I came to MLI. When I first came here, I couldn’t speak English at all, but now I can feel improvements in my English skills, because of teachers and friends I met at MLI. The teachers always help me and teach me English until I can understand clearly. They don’t teach me only English, but also ...

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