Julia - Poland


Julia is from the Krakow, Poland where she works in the import business. She is now living in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter and is studying in the Business/TOEIC program at MLI Hollywood. Outside of school Julia enjoys going to the beach and ­­exploring Los Angeles. In the future she hopes to travel all around the United States.

“ I only started studying at MLI 3 weeks ago, but I’ve already noticed an improvement. I can understand people around me. Before it was white noise; I would have to listen and concentrate to understand English.

I like that we only speak English at school. It is very good because we do not speak other languages with each other. At home I speak Polish and Russian with my family and friends but at school I can practice my English a lot. I learn many new words in class. Besides class, I watch Netflix everyday around 1-1.5 hours. At the beginning I watched with subtitles but then I realized that I was practicing reading more than listening. So last week I started watching TV without subtitles. TV has helped me understand normal spoken English. I also read books.

I like that at MLI we are friends with our teachers. We can talk and discuss everything with them. I’ve learned a lot about American lifestyle. In my class there are students with higher level of English than me, which has helped me improve. I would recommend MLI to everyone!”
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