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What Makes MLI Such a Good ESL School

2018/11/02   -Testimonials

Westwood Campus Featured Student This week’s featured student is Maria. She is a TOEFL Evening student from Colombia. She has lived in the US for about two years. In her free time, she loves travelling. She recently has been trying to see all of California and especially liked Santa Barbara and Solvang. She is also a dog lover! “I think MLI is a great place to study in Los Angeles. It’s the best because of the teachers. My TOEFL teacher, Lindsay, has so much energy and really motivates the students to come to class and inspires us to study. Also, ...

Aayush - India

2018/09/16   -Testimonials

Aayush is from Vadodara, Gujarat, India. He wanted to be an animator and artist so he came to America to study animation. In the U.S., Aayush decided to become a filmmaker in order to produce his own animated films. Four months ago he joined the Business/TOEIC program at MLI Hollywood to brushen up on his English skills. I spoke to Aayush today about ways he saves money in Los Angeles. Here’s what he has to say…. "Public transportation service in LA is pretty good. You can save money by getting a weekly or monthly metro pass, called a Tap card. ...

Julia - Poland

2018/09/16   -Testimonials

Julia is from the Krakow, Poland where she works in the import business. She is now living in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter and is studying in the Business/TOEIC program at MLI Hollywood. Outside of school Julia enjoys going to the beach and ­­exploring Los Angeles. In the future she hopes to travel all around the United States. “ I only started studying at MLI 3 weeks ago, but I’ve already noticed an improvement. I can understand people around me. Before it was white noise; I would have to listen and concentrate to understand English. I like that ...

Johanna - Columbia

2018/08/14   -Testimonials

"Before I came to school I was always scared to speak in English. Now I am more confident about speaking with others.” Johanna is from Columbia. She got her Master’s degree in Sexual and Reproductive Health and has worked as a registered nurse at an NGO for the past 5 years. She is a feminist activist in her country where she fights for women’s rights. Johanna came to MLI 2 months ago to improve her English skills for work purposes and for herself. She is in the High Intermediate program. “MLI has given me English skills and practice. I now ...

After School Activities

2018/08/13   -Testimonials

Westwood Campus Featured Student This week’s featured student is Polina. She is from Sakhalin Island in Russia, which is very close to Japan. (She even knows how to speak some Japanese!). During her free time, she enjoys hanging out with friends, watching movies, listening to music, and taking pictures. She has been here for three weeks and plans to stay for three more weeks. She is currently taking the IELTS program and plans to study at university in Canada. She may study Economics or Marketing, but she’s not sure yet. She plans the take the IELTS tests in two weeks ...

Vaclav - Czech Republic

2018/07/30   -Testimonials

Hollywood Campus Featured Student Vaclav is from Turnov, Czech Republic (100 kilometers from Prague). He graduated from high school last year. It had always been his dream to come to the United States. He now studies English in the High Intermediate program at MLI Hollywood. “The first weeks in America were really hard for me. I am confident, popular, outgoing, and talkative back home. But in America it was totally different. I was shy, diffident, and scared to talk to people and go places. I was depressed! I had never felt these feelings before. My father suggested that I start ...

Student Activities

2018/06/25   -Testimonials

Hollywood Campus Featured Student Chintan Shah was born and raised in Mumbai, India. He studied IT (Informational Technology) at University and worked as an IT technician for one year. However, Chintan had big dreams of becoming a filmmaker, so he quit his job in India and moved to Los Angeles. For the past four years he’s lived in L.A. working on more than 20 short films and 15 music videos. He currently shoots promotional videos and BTS (behind the scenes) for celebrities’ social media accounts. Chintan has been taking the Business/TOEIC Program at MLI Hollywood for the last 6 months ...

How to get 100+ on the TOEFL exam!

2018/06/07   -Testimonials

Westwood Campus Featured Student This week’s featured student is Lisa from Germany. She recently achieved 108 on her TOEFL test! During her free time she likes to do anything creative from pottery to knitting. She runs a blog in English and also loves cooking and trying new foods in Los Angeles. She recommends that students eat a lot while they’re studying here because the food is so diverse and there are tons of authentic foods here. Her favorite place in Los Angeles is Abbott Kenney in Venice. “I was in the TOEFL program for 12 weeks. Before taking the TOEFL ...

Cheapest ESL School in Los Angeles!

2018/05/31   -Testimonials

Westwood Campus Featured Student This week’s Featured Student is Touda from Morocco. She currently studies in our Advanced Conversation Program during the afternoon. In Morocco, she works as a journalist and takes additional journalism classes here in Los Angeles. In her free time, she likes to hike, go to the beach, and visit Universal Studios. Here’s what she had to say about MLI: “I started studying English in Los Angeles at UCLA extension. When I was studying there, I heard about MLI from a classmate. She recommended this school to me, so I came to check it out and decided ...

Name: Ella Paravyan

2018/05/03   -Testimonials

Nationality: German What should students know before coming to MLI? They should know that the teachers are lovely. They are interested in giving you REAL knowledge that you need, not just school stuff. You should know that you will learn how to speak really fast because of the great people here. Students at MLI, will not only learn English, but get to know different cultures and different types of people. What should students know before coming to LA? LA is always warm. People are very friendly. People from Europe should not be scared when people say, ‘hi’ and ask, ‘how ...

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