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Why I Love Studying in Los Angeles

2018/11/02   -Testimonials

Westwood Campus Featured Student This week’s featured student is Mathieu from France. When he returns home, he plans to study Business- focusing on Finance or Real Estate- in Nice, France. He currently studies in our Business+TOEIC Program, which is helping him to improve his Business vocabulary and fluency in Business Situations. He will stay in Los Angeles a total of six weeks. “I love Los Angeles. I especially like the mentality of American people. They think differently about work and opportunities. The people here are also so open to new ideas and ways of doing things and there are so ...

What Makes MLI Such a Good ESL School

2018/11/02   -Testimonials

Westwood Campus Featured Student This week’s featured student is Maria. She is a TOEFL Evening student from Colombia. She has lived in the US for about two years. In her free time, she loves travelling. She recently has been trying to see all of California and especially liked Santa Barbara and Solvang. She is also a dog lover! “I think MLI is a great place to study in Los Angeles. It’s the best because of the teachers. My TOEFL teacher, Lindsay, has so much energy and really motivates the students to come to class and inspires us to study. Also, ...

Why study English at MLI?

2018/10/08   -Testimonials

Westwood Campus Featured Student This week’s featured student is Mohammed from Saudi Arabia. He currently studies in our Intermediate 1 ESL program. He has been visiting Los Angeles every summer in July since 2014 and absolutely loves everything about Los Angeles. He enjoys doing many things, particularly acting. He recently signed up for surfing school here in Los Angeles to learn surfing for the first time- so he hopes surfing will become one of his hobbies soon! His favorite places in Los Angeles include all the beaches- Santa Monica, Venice, and his absolute favorite- Malibu. “I really recommend studying English ...

After School Activities

2018/08/13   -Testimonials

Westwood Campus Featured Student This week’s featured student is Polina. She is from Sakhalin Island in Russia, which is very close to Japan. (She even knows how to speak some Japanese!). During her free time, she enjoys hanging out with friends, watching movies, listening to music, and taking pictures. She has been here for three weeks and plans to stay for three more weeks. She is currently taking the IELTS program and plans to study at university in Canada. She may study Economics or Marketing, but she’s not sure yet. She plans the take the IELTS tests in two weeks ...

The best things to do in Los Angeles

2018/07/30   -Testimonials

Westwood Campus Featured Student This week’s featured student is Nanami. She is from Nagoya, Japan and has lived in Los Angeles for seven months. She is currently in the H. Intermediate ESL program. During her free time, she loves going sightseeing in Los Angeles and finding new places to eat or shop. “I really like Los Angeles. The weather is so perfect and there are many sightseeing places. My favorite place is Santa Monica. There are so many people there and everyone seems so fun. My favorite beach to visit is Malibu. I love a lot of the restaurants near ...

Why choose MLI over other ESL schools

2018/07/18   -Testimonials

Westwood Campus Featured Student This week’s featured student is Mertcan, who is from Turkey. He currently studies in the Advanced ESL class. During his free time, he loves playing basketball in Venice. He plays with all kinds of different people there that he just met by stopping by to play one day. He also does computer coding a lot during his spare time and is continually learning more about that. He currently lives in Mar Vista, and definitely recommends the neighborhood to students because it’s so close to Venice Beach. “I 100% would recommend MLI to other students looking for ...

Best TOEFL Class I've ever had

2018/07/17   -Testimonials
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Westwood Campus Featured Student “My TOEFL class is the best class I have ever had. When I attend, I can improve all of my English skills- Listening, Writing, Speaking, and Reading. Kyle is such a funny teacher too- his jokes are always so interesting and funny. All the students in the class are very serious and motivated. Even though there are other Japanese students in the class, they only ever speak English, which is very helpful. The TOEFL schedule is set up so that we practice two skills per day, like Reading and Speaking one day, and Writing and Listening ...

Tips for future students

2018/07/04   -Testimonials

Westwood Campus Featured Student This week’s featured student is Giovanna from Italy. Giovanna is from the Italian countryside near Venice. She enjoys drawing, photography, modeling, and sewing during her free time. Also, she recently enjoys driving around Los Angeles because she just got her driver’s license last week. She currently takes the TOEFL Evening program. “I think it’s important that students don’t speak their native language when studying English in Los Angeles. Even when I’m with Italian people, I always speak English- especially when I’m in front of native English speakers. I think students need to speak as much English ...

What it's like to study ESL in Los Angeles

2018/06/25   -Testimonials

MLI Westwood Featured Student This week’s featured student is Cindy from Brazil. In Brazil, she works as an interior designer and plans to study Architecture at a university here in Los Angeles. She has lived in Los Angeles for 5 months now and really enjoys going to the beaches and clubs here. “I’ve been studying English in Los Angeles for about 5 months now. When I first came to MLI, I was surprised because the students here are so serious. I used to go to a different ESL school, but I think MLI is good to learn English because all ...

A Typical ESL Student’s Schedule

2018/06/22   -Testimonials

Westwood Campus Featured Student This week’s featured student is Alejandra. She is from Madrid, Spain. In Spain she works in the film and media industry and has worked on big shows like “The Voice: Spain.” During her free time, she likes to play volleyball and see movies. “Typically I go to school from Monday to Friday 9-12:50 a.m. [in the Intermediate 2 ESL Program]. After school, I either go back to my apartment to hang or go out with my friends to get to know and explore Los Angeles. I really love going to Melrose Ave for shopping and also ...

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