Best English school for Brazilian in hollywood


“When I came to America I was scared because I didn’t speak English at all.

But I didn’t let my fear stop me. I always tried to speak, even if I made mistakes. The thing that helped me improve my English the most was talking with everybody; uber drivers, barristas, and people on the street.

I’m not shy so I start conversations with anyone who can breathe!

Another thing that has helped my English is befriending not only Brazilians, but also people from other countries. It’s comfortable to be with people from your own country but you won’t improve your English that way.

I studied English by myself using Youtube videos and that helped a ton! My favorite Youtubers are “English with Leila and Sabrah” and “Papa English” on YouTube. They always have new videos. It’s fun and fast 🙂
I follow some Brazilian and American English teachers on Instagram too. Every day the teachers give tips on how to speak like a native.

You should check out @mariovergara (English tips in Portuguese and English) on Instagram.

Another good thing I do is use an idiom app every day before going to sleep and when
I’m at the gym I like to use Duolingo. It helps with day-to-day English skills.

I never studied grammar before coming to MLI. The school has helped me write and speak correctly without using a translator.”

from MLI staff

Tanice is from Porto Alegre, Brazil.

She came to Los Angeles a year ago on vacation. Once in America, she realized her English wasn’t very good; she had difficulty getting by in English, even ordering coffee was super hard.

She decided to improve her English skills and study at MLI Hollywood. In her free time she likes to go to the beach, work out, and hit up happy hour. She currently takes the Advanced ESL program.

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