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Westwood Campus Featured Student

This week’s featured student is Mertcan, who is from Turkey. He currently studies in the Advanced ESL class. During his free time, he loves playing basketball in Venice. He plays with all kinds of different people there that he just met by stopping by to play one day. He also does computer coding a lot during his spare time and is continually learning more about that. He currently lives in Mar Vista, and definitely recommends the neighborhood to students because it’s so close to Venice Beach.

“I 100% would recommend MLI to other students looking for an ESL school to study at in Los Angeles. MLI is the cheapest English school compared to other ESL schools in the area and the quality is really good too, especially for the price. That is what makes MLI better than other ESL schools. I especially think the teachers here are great. My teachers, Sheena and Barry, have a positive attitude and are very kind. I like the area, Westwood, too. You can find everything you need around the school, like LA Fitness and UCLA. MLI has lots of international students which makes learning very interesting because you can learn about different cultures. When studying, just listen to your teachers, and focus on your own goals without letting anyone else distract you or make you worry. Los Angeles is a great place to live. I have been here almost 2 years now and love the beaches the most. I live near Venice, which is a great place to visit. I also think the Griffith Observatory is a cool place to visit. I think the people in Los Angeles are so nice and helpful. I really love the culture in Los Angeles and definitely recommend international students to come study here. “

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