Transfer Student

Students who currently study in the United States and want to transfer to MLI

-student who already studies in the United States.
-student who attends a vocational school or other educational institute.
-student who has an F1 visa and also an I-20.

Application Steps

1 or 2 months before desired tranfer date:

1. Apply to MLI
2. Submit The Documents
3. Attend Orientation Session
4. Receive the New I-20

Students are required to apply 1 or 2 months before their desired transfer date. It is best to speak with front desk staff after applying to confirm the transfer process as it can be complicated depending on your status.

Cancellation Policy

The enrollment fee of $150, will be charged at the time of application. The enrollment fee is non-refundable regardless if an application is rejected or enrollment is cancelled. Exceptions include insufficient housing.

About the steps after application

After students have applied, the iMLI system processes the application. Students can follow the process which is listed on the iMLI.

Apply Online

Fill out the information about your visa status
Contact us via iMLI for all inquiries

Apply from below.

*Please have your credit card in hand.


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