Kaito - Japan


Kaito is from Sendai, Japan. He is a break dancer and businessman. He’s been living in Los Angeles for 7 months now and has taken both ESL and Conversation classes at MLI Hollywood.

“I started in the Beginner 1 class in January. I didn’t know basic grammar like ‘am’, ‘is’ , ‘are’ . I didn’t know how to speak and I couldn’t understand others. I liked the beginner class because there were good teachers. I could understand them. I enjoyed the class. Students were from many different countries. I made friends.

I moved to the Conversation Intermediate program 2 months ago. When I talk to my friends now, they say “your English is so much better!” I feel it too. Now I can understand English and speak a little bit.
After school I like to listen to hip hop music and gangster rap like “Dogg Pound”and “South Central Cartel”.

I would recommend the Conversation Program because you practice a lot of speaking and listening. You also learn idioms which is helpful. Last piece of advice, don’t be shy to speak English!"

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