What Makes MLI Such a Good ESL School


Westwood Campus Featured Student

This week’s featured student is Maria. She is a TOEFL Evening student from Colombia. She has lived in the US for about two years. In her free time, she loves travelling. She recently has been trying to see all of California and especially liked Santa Barbara and Solvang. She is also a dog lover!

“I think MLI is a great place to study in Los Angeles. It’s the best because of the teachers. My TOEFL teacher, Lindsay, has so much energy and really motivates the students to come to class and inspires us to study. Also, the front staff here answers all students’ questions really fast. Everyone at MLI is super friendly and it’s a fun school too. I used go to a different ESL school, and it had a colder atmosphere and was just systematic- not fun at all. Here you can make friends. When you enter you can see pictures up of students and it just feels good and positive. There are so many field trips and activities too that make it so fun. I have definitely improved in my TOEFL class too. I can tell my confidence in speaking has improved tons. Also, I know lots more vocabulary and my writing is better. I really like Los Angeles because of the beaches. My favorites are Long Beach and Huntington Beach. The people in Los Angeles are all very nice and treat people so friendly. I used to live in New York, and at first I preferred New York, but now I like Los Angeles more because of the weather, the people, and the opportunities here. I am taking my TOEFL test this weekend and plan to transfer to UCLA Extension to study Marketing.”

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Что нужно знать перед началом работы
Наконец-то вы попали в веселое, шумное казино. Вы переполнены в буфете, и вам не терпится бросить кости и посмотреть, на вашей ли стороне удача. Ну держись там букару. У вас могут быть большие пин ап мечты сорвать джекпот и уйти на пенсию на собственном частном острове, но здесь этого не произойдет. Азартные игры - хорошее время, и они могут стать приятным занятием, когда все складывается в вашу пользу, но в фильмах это не так, как выглядит.


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