Why I Love Studying in Los Angeles


Westwood Campus Featured Student

This week’s featured student is Mathieu from France. When he returns home, he plans to study Business- focusing on Finance or Real Estate- in Nice, France. He currently studies in our Business+TOEIC Program, which is helping him to improve his Business vocabulary and fluency in Business Situations. He will stay in Los Angeles a total of six weeks.

“I love Los Angeles. I especially like the mentality of American people. They think differently about work and opportunities. The people here are also so open to new ideas and ways of doing things and there are so many people from different places around the world, which is very interesting. I also love the beaches here. Venice beach is great because it has a cool atmosphere and a French rap singer I like references it. In my free time, I play online poker like I do in France too, but I also spend a lot of time being a tourist. I love to visit many different places. I also play sports here too, like tennis and lifting weights. I think the Westwood neighborhood (where MLI is located) is a great neighborhood and is the neighborhood where I live. I am very happy to meet students from many other countries. In my Business class, there are five different nationalities of students. It’s very interesting to learn about different cultures while also learning a lot about Business. The class is very good for me.

It’s definitely worth it for students to come study English in Los Angeles. If students want to learn English or specific programs like the Business Program, it’s a very good opportunity. My English is definitely getting better. I recommend that every student who wants to improve their English come study here!”
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