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Japan has a lot of beautiful flowers and we love them.

In the spring we have a little party under the trees; it’s called Hana-mi. “Hana-Mi” means “see the flower” in Japanese. “hana: is flower and “mi” is seeing something.

Hana-mi started in the 700s, so it has been celebrated for over 1300 years. Japanese do exactly the same thing now.

This little party usually happens under a cherry blossom tree. We sometimes do Hana-mi under other trees but almost every person likes cherry blossoms. Hana-mi is like a party so we drink and eat while looking at beautiful flowers. Also, we celebrate Hana-mi with many people like friends, family, co-workers etc. It’s a fun bonding experience!

Cherry blossom trees bloom between March to April and it is only for 2 weeks, so that is why we love it.

“Hana-Mi” is a very traditional and popular party. We love and have this event as long as flowers bloom.

by Manju Toida

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