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MLI events can help your social life.(Kaisei | Japan)


What program are you in?

- ESL-Advaned.

What do you think new students should know before coming to LA?

- When you come to LA, you should go where ever you want, like famous places. My favorite places to visit are beaches, downtown LA, and museums.

Why do you like LA?

- I like LA because it’s diverse. There’s a mix of cultures. Around my house in Korea town, there are many immigrants. I can hear many languages on the streets like Spanish, Korean etc.

What do you like about MLI?

- Firstly, I like the teachers. They’re very friendly and they teach well. Brian, my grammar teacher used to live in France and my other teacher, Gabrielle, is from Venice beach but she lived in Chile, so they both have interesting experiences and they understand the challenges of learning a foreign language.

What’s your advice to future students?

- You should join MLI events! When I first came to MLI there was a Halloween party. I was nervous about it because I didn’t know anyone. But it was a great opportunity to speak in English with classmates and make friends. MLI events can help your social life ( =

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