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Westwood Campus Featured Student

This week’s featured student is Giovanna from Italy. Giovanna is from the Italian countryside near Venice. She enjoys drawing, photography, modeling, and sewing during her free time. Also, she recently enjoys driving around Los Angeles because she just got her driver’s license last week. She currently takes the TOEFL Evening program.

“I think it’s important that students don’t speak their native language when studying English in Los Angeles. Even when I’m with Italian people, I always speak English- especially when I’m in front of native English speakers. I think students need to speak as much English as they can. Also, I always translate and understand all the songs I listen to and imitate their singing to work on my pronunciation and always start my day reading the newspaper in English- both about my country’s news and US news. That’s really helpful for vocabulary and just knowing what is going on everywhere. I live in Inglewood now. The rent is very cheap, but some areas are kind of dangerous. I live between Jefferson and Adams and the neighborhood is mostly families around, so it’s totally fine for me. It’s also very near the Farmdale Metro station, so it’s easy to get around Los Angeles. I do think students need to make sure they are always aware of their surroundings and don’t just trust everyone they meet. I love going to the art museums here. There are many free museums, like the Broad, that are pretty cool. I like the Griffith Observatory too. They have this nighttime star show that is really amazing. I think students need to find their own places- not just what they see on Instagram. LA is actually a lot nicer than you see on social media. I really enjoy studying English at MLI. I like that they have evening lessons because I definitely enjoy studying in the evening more than in the morning. Also, the staff and everyone here is really helpful.”

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