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Los Angeles is also a good place to enjoy dancing.


“I live in North Hollywood at a homestay. I chose the house because I like the house mother a lot.

A friend of mine from school, Nanami, lived at the homestay and introduced me to the house mom. The best thing about living there is that there’s a pool in the building and a gym across the street.

I get to improve my English skills because my homestay mom doesn’t speak Japanese. I would recommend homestay to students who want to practice their English with native English speakers.

After school I like to paint, read, cook, and dance. I dance Jazz funk, hip hop, contemporary, and heels.

There are many great dance studios in Los Angeles. I think Playground LA on Melrose Avenue (close to Melrose dormitory) is very good because everyone there enjoys dancing.

I only go to Millenium for workshops and special dance instructors. Movement Lifestyle is also a good dance studio near the North Hollywood train station. I like that place because everyone is focused on dance class.

In the future I want to teach dancing and I want to act. If you are interested in dancing in LA, I recommend that you go on Instagram, find a teacher you like, and find where they teach. You don’t need to wait til you get to LA to find the right dance school for you.

My biggest advice; be confident in yourself!

From MLI staff

Yukari Sato is originally from Japan.

She has been living and studying at MLI Hollywood in Los Angeles for the past year. She likes to paint, read, cook and dance. In the future she hopes to teach dance and act professionally.

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