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Vaclav - Czech Republic


Hollywood Campus Featured Student

Vaclav is from Turnov, Czech Republic (100 kilometers from Prague). He graduated from high school last year. It had always been his dream to come to the United States. He now studies English in the High Intermediate program at MLI Hollywood.

“The first weeks in America were really hard for me. I am confident, popular, outgoing, and talkative back home. But in America it was totally different. I was shy, diffident, and scared to talk to people and go places. I was depressed! I had never felt these feelings before. My father suggested that I start English school. He thought it was a good idea to be with other people and to practice speaking in English. I looked for a school until I found Mentor Language Institute. It was close to my accommodation and much cheaper than other schools.

From the first day, I knew that I had picked the right school. You get a lot of personal attention at MLI. The classes are small and the teachers focus on each individual student; that’s what I like and appreciate. I started feeling better because I realized it’s not so hard to communicate with people from different parts of the world. Before I came to MLI it was hard to understand English speakers. It’s funny because I thought my English was pretty good, but Native English speakers were speaking fast and using idioms and slang that I didn’t know. But at MLI, the teachers spoke clearly and used words I could understand. That gave me confidence and I started talking with people outside of school as well. I started going to different places like the Hollywood sign, Griffith Observatory, Santa Monica Pier and more. My advice for success at MLI is even if you are scared, push yourself and TALK AS MUCH AS YOU CAN! Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. And lastly, to travel is to live. So go and see the world!”

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