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Johanna - Columbia


"Before I came to school I was always scared to speak in English. Now I am more confident about speaking with others.”

Johanna is from Columbia. She got her Master’s degree in Sexual and Reproductive Health and has worked as a registered nurse at an NGO for the past 5 years. She is a feminist activist in her country where she fights for women’s rights. Johanna came to MLI 2 months ago to improve her English skills for work purposes and for herself. She is in the High Intermediate program.

“MLI has given me English skills and practice. I now understand what areas I need to improve like speaking and grammar, specifically past simple. Being at MLI has been a good experience because I have met a lot of native English speakers, like the teachers, and they have helped me with my English abilities. I have met many students from other countries that have helped me practice all the time too. In class, we talk a lot about common subjects like family, relationships, work, animals, environment etc. Some teachers use dynamic activities like games or videos and this helps a lot.
I do other things to help improve my English. After school I do my homework from class. I see the Program Coordinator for extra homework help. Every Wednesday, I take a free conversation class in English at the public library near the Hollywood campus. I watch movies and TV series in English. I listen to English music and sometimes I go out with my classmates and we talk.

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