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The instructors, student advisors, admissions and marketing specialists at MLI don’t just like education, we LOVE it. Our instructors create the kind of class environments that truly motivate students to be their best. Our diverse student advisors take pride in supporting our equally diverse student body. And our admissions and marketing teams are dedicated to ensuring that our student-clients are given the assistance and information they need to have a rewarding experience during their academic studies.

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Instructor position requirements: minimum of a bachelor’s degree and three years of experience teaching ESL and/or test preparation or the equivalent in education or a combination of the two. TESOL certificates are preferred. We can only consider local and qualified candidates. We cannot conduct interviews outside of Southern California. Please send a brief cover letter and resume to: hr@mliesl.edu

Admissions, Advising and Marketing position requirements: must be fluent in speaking, reading, and writing English plus on other language. Basic computer and typing skills (Excel, Word) are required. Candidates must have the ability to communicate effectively on the phone, and enjoy customer service. Knowledge of Microsoft Office and Photoshop is preferred. Please send a resume to: hr@mliesl.edu

While we thank all qualified and local applicants for their interest, only those chosen for interviews will be contacted.

Open Vacancies

Business Intelligence Analyst: Design, develop, and query data warehouses to extract business data and identify business trends. Examine the company's existing business intelligence tools and databases and leverage knowledge of data warehouse design and data modeling to design and develop conceptual frameworks for data warehouses. Develop logical and physical data models, including multidimensional data cubes and metadata definitions and modules, and produce technical documentation specifying database contents, concepts, and mapping. Create BI strategies, subject areas, and roadmaps and develop metrics, KPI's, data warehouses, dashboards, and repositories. Query the company's data warehouse using business intelligence tools such as Pentaho, SAS, Cognos, and SQL to generate reports and extract information pertaining to areas such as student enrollment and student retention. Collect external business intelligence data by conducting student surveys, reading industry reports, and communicating with professionals in the English language training industry regarding current trends. Analyze data to identify business trends and compile the findings into comprehensive reports using Microsoft Excel. Develop actionable insights for business and communicate findings to management to inform business decisions and increase the company's profits and efficiency. Provide recommendations on how to meet business goals such as increasing enrollment or diversifying the student body. Install and configure more up-to-date technology for data warehouses and ensure that old data is securely transferred and integrated with the new systems.

Requirements: The position requires an Associate's degree in Computer Science or Business Administration plus three years of experience in the job offered or a related position. Equivalent foreign degrees are acceptable. The position requires skills and knowledge in Pentaho, SAS, Cognos, SQL, Microsoft Excel, data warehouse design, and data modeling.

40 hours/week. Job Interview Site: Los Angeles, CA Email Resume to: American College Education, Inc. dba Mentor Language Institute at hiring@mliesl.edu


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