Frequently Asked Questions - COVID 19

Travel Regulations, MLI COVID-19 Policy & the COVID-19 Status in Los Angeles

Q1. What is the current guidance for traveling to the U.S?

1. Starting from 1/29/21, U.S. immigration requires all travelers to take a PCR test 1-3 days before your flight and submit negative results to your airline. Otherwise, you will not be able to board your flight.

2. Los Angeles County requires that you fill out the "Travel Form" before arriving.

Q2. What is MLI's policy regarding attending In-person classes?

MLI follows California and Los Angeles County guidelines in order to keep everybody safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19. You need to abide by the following regulations:

If you don't have MLI accommodations:
You need to self-quarantine (stay at home) for 10 days after your arrival to Los Angeles.

If you have MLI accommodations:
1. You must take a PCR test 1-3 days before your flight and submit a negative result in English to MLI via email.
2. You need to self-quarantine (stay at your MLI accommodation) for 10 days after your arrival to Los Angeles, before you start MLI's in-person classes.

Q3. What should I do before arriving to the USA/leaving my home country?

You need to take a PCR exam within 3 days of your departure from your country. Otherwise, you won't be able to board your flight. Please also submit your PCR result in English to your campus via email.

Q4. For what period of time does the COVID-exception to the 5-month rule cover?

There is no 5-month rule during this pandemic period. As long as you have a valid I-20, you will be able to come to the U.S.

Q5. What should I do if my program is online, but I want to go to the USA now?

We will allow you to take an online class of your choice at no extra charge, but you will need to take the in-person class as well to maintain your status.

Q6. Do I need to fill out any forms before I arrive?

Yes, you will need to fill out the "Traveler form" PRIOR to entering Los Angeles.

Q7. If I have a student visa, can I come to the U.S. without a problem?

If you have a student visa (that is not expired) you can apply for a new I-20 and start a new program. Please check the travel restrictions for international travelers.

Q8. Can I come to the USA and attend online programs only?

No - according to SEVP regulations, overseas students entering on an initial I-20 must attend in-person classes.

Q9. What will happen if there is another lockdown in LA?

We will follow the CDC instructions and switch to online programs if needed.

MLI during COVID-19

Q1. Does MLI offer online classes or in-person classes?

MLI offers both online and in-person classes. Students who came to the U.S. before 3/09/20 can take online classes or in-person classes. On the other hand, students who came to the U.S. with student visas after 3/09/20 are required to attend in-person classes. Thus, MLI offers in-person classes to fulfill immigration requirements for F1 students.

Q2. Do you offer the ESL program in person?

Unfortunately, we do not offer in-person ESL classes at this time. We do currently offer in-person Conversation classes, however, these classes are only available to new transfer students.

Q3. Are MLI school events canceled?

Due to the COVID-19 situation, all activities are on hold in order to keep our students, teachers and staff members safe.

Q4. Have there been any confirmed COVID-19 cases at MLI?

No, most of our programs are offered online. Currently, no students or staff who attend our In-person classes have gotten COVID-19.

Q5. When will the school return to having fully in-person classes?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, MLI's top priority has been the safety and health of our students and staff. We strictly follow the state and city regulations, in addition to CDC instructions. MLI will re-open all classes when it is safe and allowed by the city of Los Angeles. We are expecting to go back to fully In-person classes from around May or June, as long as the COVID-19 situation in LA has improved and there are no safety concerns related to the pandemic.

Q6. How do I get textbooks?

You can purchase textbooks from your respective campus or we can mail the textbooks to you. If you choose to have your textbook mailed, you will be charged a shipping fee.

Q7. How is your school managing in-person classes during the pandemic?

Class sizes are restricted, masks are required, social distancing is practiced, and temperature is checked daily.
We are one of the few schools in LA which has opened quality in-person classes since September.

Q8. What programs do you offer?

At this moment, we offer Conversation Intermediate and Conversation Advanced programs in person. Students are interviewed by our academic staff and placed in the appropriate level (we will open more programs as needed). Online, we offer the following programs: ESL, TOEFL, IELTS, Business English plus TOEIC, Life Skills, and Conversation Advanced.

Q9. Can I check into a student accommodation the day I arrive to the U.S?

As long as you have taken a PCR test within 3 days prior to departure and provide a negative result, we will be able to provide you with our accommodations/housing

Q10. How can I take a vacation while taking online programs?

Please fill out this online form and notify front desk staff.

Admissions during the COVID-19 period

Q1. Can I defer my admission for reasons related to COVID-19?

Yes, you can change your program start date. Please inform us of when you want to start your program based on the start dates listed on our School Calendar. If you are an F1 student (Student visa), we will reissue your I-20 with a new program start date and send you a digitally signed I-20, so that you can print it out and take it with you when you enter the U.S.

Q2. How can I receive a copy of my I-20?

During the pandemic, all government agencies will accept a digital copy of your I-20. However, if you need the original I-20, we can mail it to you. In this case, you will be charged a shipping fee.

Q3. Do I have to pay a fee if I postpone my start date?

No, if you are an F1 student (student visa holder), we will simply email your new I-20 to you with the new program start date.

Q4. Does the PCR Result have to be the original?

No. You can bring a copy of your PCR test result.

Q5. Will there be any penalty fees for postponing the housing move-in date?

As long as you notify us 30 days prior to your move in-date, there will be no fees.

Q6. Which students are allowed to join in-person classes?

All students who come to the U.S. with initial I-20s (new students) must attend In-person programs due to SEVIS (U.S. immigration) requirements. If you are a transfer student who came to the U.S. before 3/09/20, you will be able to choose either an online program or an In-person program. New Non-F1 students are also able to choose either In-person or online classes.

Q7. Can I join in-person classes via Zoom during my self-quarantine?

We currently offer all programs online except for In-person Conversation classes. Thus, if you need to quarantine, you can temporarily join one of our online programs via Zoom for the duration of the quarantine period.

General Questions Related to COVID-19

Q1. How can I get a COVID-19 test for free?

If you take a PCR exam from L.A. county, the testing is free. Please visit the LA county COVID-19 testing website:

Q2. What if I test positive for COVID-19?

First, you must have Medical/Travel Insurance which will cover issues related to COVID-19. If you receive a positive result, follow the instructions provided by LA testing centers.

Q3. What should I do if I believe I may have been exposed to COVID-19?

You should take a PCR exam. L.A. County provides free PCR exams. For more details, please visit the L.A. county website:

Q4. What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

For details regarding COVID-19 symptoms, see the CDC (Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention) website. There is also a Coronavirus Self-Checker available.

Q5. What is the COVID-19 situation like in LA?

COVID-19 numbers are high, but Los Angeles is not as crowded as Asia and some other parts of the world. Most people wear masks at all times and take social distancing very seriously. Additionally, it is typically very easy to get tested for COVID-19 in LA.


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