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①Tuition + ②Accommodation Fee + ③Other fees

If you provide your own accommodation, you do not need to pay the ②Accommodation fee.
*Please use the price calculator to get a quote.


The price will change depending on your course and the duration of your stay.
The longer you study at MLI, the bigger the discount.


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Price Calculator


Q: Can I change your course after school starts?
A: Yes, you can!

Optional Service
Change of Status(If you have B1/B2 or J1 visa and are currently in the U.S.) or Reinstatement
Fee descriptionsType of ApplicantsFeesNumber of Applicants
$1,185 Service Fee including Filling Fee ($370),
Biometric Services Fee ($85) and Mailing Fee
F1 student visa$1,1851
$365 Service Fee including Biometric Services
Fee ($85) for each dependent
F2 dependant visa$365

②Accommodation Fee

We provide homestay and domitory options for students. Homestay is recommended for people who would like to experience American culture. Dormitories are recommended for people who would like to make a lot of friends.

Homestay Prices
Placement Fee* : $300
Homestay (w/ 2 meals a day)
Private Shared***
1 week$436$384
2 weeks$872$768
3 weeks$1,308$1,152
4 weeks$1,580$1,452
8 weeks$3,160$2,904
12 weeks$4,740$4,356
Dormitory Prices
Placement Fee* : $270
Maintenance Fee : $100
(Less than 4 weeks $25/week)
Private Shared Quad
1 week$517$380$270
2 weeks$1,034$760$540
3 weeks$1,551$1,140$810
4 weeks$2,000$1,400$1,000
8 weeks$4,000$2,800$2,000
12 weeks$6,000$4,200$3,000

*Placement fee is a one time payment. It's not refundable.
**Security deposit will be refunded after students have moved out.
***If you request a homestay shared room, you must apply with another person.
****The Weekly price is to be added after the first 12 weeks.

※Your accommodation will be provided by U.S. Support Service Inc. or other agents.

More information about Accommodations

③Initial Fees

In addition to the fees above, there are other initial fees.

  • Initial Processing Fee* : $150
  • I-20 Mailing Fee** : $120
  • SEVIS fee** : $350 (Paid directly to SEVP)
  • Textbook : $150-240

**If Student Visa applied


Examples of payments : 1 month (4 weeks) and 1 year (48 weeks)

1 month (4 weeks)
  • Initial(Processing) Fee : $150
  • Tuition : $1,172
  • Housing : $1,520(Dormitory : Quad Rent + Placement Fee + Airport Pickup- oneway + Maintenance Fee
  • Total : $2,842
1 year (48 weeks)
  • Initial(Processing) fee : $150
  • I20 Shipping Fee(FedEx): $120
  • SEVIS Fee: $350
  • Tuition : $9,648
  • Housing : $12,520(Dormitory : Quad Rent + Placement Fee + Airport Pickup- oneway + Maintenance Fee
  • Total : $22,788

If you have any questions about fees, please feel free to contact us.

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