Comments about MLI from students.

MLI events can help your social life.(Kaisei | Japan)

What program are you in? - ESL-Advaned. What do you think new students shoul...

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Everyone is so friendly here, so you have a lot of opportunities to talk.(Antea | Italy)

Program - Business + TOEIC What do you think of LA? - I love it here. First...

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If you want to work in the Entertainment industry, come to LA!(Miharu | Japan)

What program are you in? - ESL-High Intermediate 2. Why did you choose the E...

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There are many UCLA students around always and I feel so influenced by them.(Momoka | Japan)

What do you think of LA and MLI? - There are lots of fashionable things here- l...

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Come with an empty suitcase, there’s a lot of shopping here.(Sandrine | France)

What’s your program? - ESL Advanced What do you want to tell new students? ...

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I chose MLI and I am really satisfied with my choice.(Esther | Korean,Japan)

How did you choose MLI? - First, I researched online. I saw there were so many ...

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Don’t be afraid to speak with everyone.(Lola | France)

What program are you in? - ESL, High Intermediate 2 What do you like to do i...

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Study idioms and vocabulary before you come to LA so you have a basis for improving your English.(Miki | Japan)

Why did you decide to study in LA? - I came to LA three years ago to study acti...

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The people in LA are really nice, so make friends and have fun.(Vanesa | Bolivian)

What class are you in? - I’m in the ESL program and also take CMAR class to hel...

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