Comments about MLI from students.

Kaito - Japan

Kaito is from Sendai, Japan. He is a break dancer and businessman. He’s been liv...

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Aayush - India

Aayush is from Vadodara, Gujarat, India. He wanted to be an animator and artist...

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Julia - Poland

Julia is from the Krakow, Poland where she works in the import business. She is ...

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Johanna - Columbia

"Before I came to school I was always scared to speak in English. Now I am more ...

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Vaclav - Czech Republic

Hollywood Campus Featured Student Vaclav is from Turnov, Czech Republic (100 ...

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Student Activities

Hollywood Campus Featured Student Chintan Shah was born and raised in Mumbai,...

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Best Teacher I’ve Ever Had

Hollywood Campus Featured Student This week’s featured student is Haruka Mish...

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How to go to College in Los Angeles

Jay is from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Management...

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