Westwood Campus

Westwood is a vibrant, unique neighborhood located on the west side of Los Angeles.

Westwood is famous for being the home of UCLA. The Westwood campus is located on Wilshire Blvd and Westwood Blvd. It is only 1 minute from the main bus line on Wilshire Blvd and Westwood Blvd.

It is a very fun and popular area for students and also office workers since there are many shops, restaurants and safe places to hang out.

20 minutes to Santa Monica by bus

10 minutes to Beverly Hills by bus

60 minutes to Downtown LA by bus

Photo Gallery of Westwood Campus

It is on the first floor of the building.
You don't need to take an elevator to go to class.

Front desk


Computer room

Student lounge

Free space



Walking distance from UCLA

The Hammer Museum, the most famous museums in LA, is right next to our campus.

There is a library behind campus where you can study.

There are many affordable restaurants.


We provide homestay or dormitory options for your accommodation.

There are 40 rooms in the student dormitory, and you can get to school by foot or bus.


Homestay is the best way to learn about American culture and increase your opportunities to speak English.

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  • ESL Program
  • TOEFL®
  • IELTS™
  • Conversation Program
  • Business English
  • TOEIC®
  • GRE® / GMAT®

Message from Westwood Campus

Message from Campus Director

The Westwood campus is located in a great area near UCLA. There are various places to visit such as movies, shopping, and museums. Our TOEFL® course is very popular as many Westwood students pursue University studies. Also, our tuition is surprisingly reasonable. Many people transfer to MLI from other schools!


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